What do omega-technologies give

Modern man is overloaded with an excessive number of communication channels and scattered incompatible messengers owned by commercial companies. Email was invented half a century ago. All this time she has done a good job with the duties assigned to her, but she does not meet the requirements of modernity.

Humanity needs a universal open communication protocol for communication, knowledge and effective cooperation.

Omega-messages is a new evolutionary turn in the development of communications. Now this is a universal way of communication. There are instant messages, video calls, channels and other features. But the most important thing is the preservation of independence from the owner of a particular messenger.

To people
Instant messaging, voice and video calls.
Self-management of your data.
Communication without spam.
Safety of contacts.

To business
Internal corporate messenger, with the possibility of direct communication with customers and suppliers.
Integration of communications into a website or corporate portal.
Opportunity to promote your business in communication channels with customers and partners.
Ability to interact with customers.

Why omega
Ω - omega was chosen to emphasize the continuity of the new communication system. The symbol means completeness and is similar to a person’s profile. But for the convenience of the user, in order not to change habits and physical keyboards, it is possible to use the @ symbol to separate addresses.
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