For addressing we use the already working domain name system (DNS).

The omega address of the userΩdomain is similar to the user @ domain email address.

However, in omega messages, in addition to people's addresses, there are channels. They are intended for communication of several people and communication of people with organizations. For example, Ωdomain # news is the organization’s news channel, userΩdomain # channel is the user's omega channel.

You can set up private channels, give rights to post or post waves to other users.

In the channel messages are transmitted under any topic - the wave.

Thus, the search for information is facilitated. Conversation is limited to the framework of the set topic. Waves can be associated with various entities, for example, with an order, a task and within the framework of a wave to solve problems that arise and notify you of readiness.

Omega Business Card
Accelerates the familiarity of people and organizations. You can make your own notes about the other person. Now you don’t need to remember who wrote it to you. In addition, contacts are easy to find in circles.

You can group friends as you like: friends, family, working contacts separately, and here are the guys from the dance school. You can bring all your friends there, even if they have not yet connected the omega messages, it is enough to know the email address.

And with working contacts it is still easier - your colleagues and counterparties already exist in your working account.

Allows you to exchange data between independent servers.

E-mail integration
We offer seamless user integration with email. The user of omega-messages will be able to enjoy full-fledged communication not only with other omega-users, but also with those who still use traditional e-mail.

Thanks to the unified addressing, you can simply start using omega-messages, and your old recipients won't even notice.

Until all people have switched to omega technology, we will have to support the possibility of exchanging messages with external archaic systems: messengers, social networks, telephony.

Integration with business systems
If you have a functional corporate portal where transactions with clients are conducted and incoming tasks are solved, then it is logical to integrate omega messages there. Employees (and customers) will be able to communicate quickly within specific tasks. A single channel of communication will save a lot of time and energy for useful things.

An online consultant should be installed on the company's official website, and the responsible employees will simply subscribe to the channel and will respond to customers.

Unlike email, our default protocol offers the possibility of identification and authorization in external systems. For example, you do not need to register in the online store to invent and remember a password, specify a bunch of data. Now you simply subscribe to the channel that connects you to the supplier (no spam, only orders).

Omega-business cards help the user to decide whether to include a new contact in his circle or block an incoming message, but this is not enough. It is necessary to analyze large amounts of statistical data to block spam. The task is complicated by the fact that messages can be encrypted; therefore, special algorithms have been developed for identifying spam accounts for analyzing contacts connections and other parameters. In addition, recommendation and evaluation functions can be used.

Most people do not care about encrypting messages, well, maybe when transferring payment information, however, organizations have a lot of secret commercially important information. Therefore, it should be possible to encrypt messages in different scenarios to protect internal corporate data, messages with external contractors and private conversations.

For the convenience of communications (including anti-spam), the omega protocol supports entities such as products, orders, tasks, etc.

Separately highlight the ability to make payments directly in the messenger. The user can connect the account to his bank or payment aggregator and make payments for specific orders without leaving the messenger or simply transfer money to other people.

Built-in search helps to find information only within the data available to the user: in contacts and messages with these contacts.

For search of new contacts, organizations, goods, books, music, etc. users connect services.

The number and types of services are limited only by the imagination of developers. For example:

Encyclopedias or computational algorithms

Automatic translation from one language to another can be useful for communicating with a colleague from a distant country or when booking a hotel.

Voice recognition will help you listen to text messages and respond to them when you are driving or just too lazy to type.

The case planner will remind you of the meeting right in the messenger, and there is no need to install an additional application.

Donate money to develop standards and open programs.

Become one of the first users of omega messages

Participate in the development of standards and software